First videos of 2015

Here are a few videos of the show this year.
We might make a few changes now that we know what the matrix can do.
If we change a song a lot I will take another video
Anyway, here are 3 of the songs

opening from Damon Green on Vimeo.

Roudolph from Damon Green on Vimeo.

Letitgo from Damon Green on Vimeo.

Lights are on!

The lights are on!!
I think I have everything waterproof now so we should be good.
Tomorrow I plan on adding another element to the yard

Lots of rain

Well it has been raining here for several days now.
It is just too wet to run the show.
I am shooting for Dec 1st, we will see how it goes

More Videos

I have uploaded more videos.
Just click on videos at the top of the page.
Hope you like them.

Christmas is running!

We started the Christmas show Friday night, be sure to get by and see it.
We have 4 songs running now but we will be updating throughout the season.
here is a peek of what you will see.

Rudolph from Damon Green on Vimeo.

L i k e   U s ?