Monthly Archives: July 2009

I was wrong!

Vixen is not ready. I forgot about the preview window. This will take quite a bit of time to get done. I am shooting for Monday. If I can have it ready by Monday night then I can start sequencing from there.

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Parts are on the way

I got an email from Mouser and the backordered parts are in. They have already shipped so I should see them today or tomorrow! With these parts I should be able to finish the Helix.

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Vixen is ready

Well I think I am ready to start sequencing. I have all my channels mapped out and set up in Vixen. Now I will go through and update last year’s songs to include the new lights. Then I need to pick a few songs for this year. I am using 256 channels and sequencing looks […]

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Watt Meter

Not much to report. I did find my watt meter last night. So I decided to test it out on the white tree I just finished. A watt meter is a device that tells you exactly how much electricity you are using. I plugged in the red channel and it read .92 Amps. That is […]

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Design is done.

We spent a good deal of time out in the yard yesterday moving sticks around trying to decide how we want the display to look this year. I think we have decided on a design, I just don’t know how to draw it out or I would post it here. Anyway there is a ton […]

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L i k e   U s ?