Monthly Archives: November 2011

We start tonight!

Well I have had several problems this year but I think we have it all worked out. The parts for the transmitter are here and I will have it running tonight. I still have to update several sequences to include the new stuff (and maybe add a song or two), but the basic show should […]

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Trouble with the radio

Well I thought I would post since I am getting a lot of email. The lights are up and running but the FM transmitter is not working.” I have decided to leave the lights off until I can replace it. No one carries anything like that in town so I probably won’t have the lights […]

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I Think We Are Ready!

Well I am going to run a few tests tonight but I think we are ready. I have had several problems so we will do a bunch of testing tonight. Then if all goes well, I can update some songs tomorrow. Wish us luck….

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It is going well

Well we have been trying to set up every night and have not been making much progress. However, it seems to be coming together, I have a lot of help….. We still have a lot to do but we have a little time left.

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Slow day of setup

Well today we started putting up the arches and drove a piece of re-bar into a gas line. It killed the entire day, we had to wait for ONG to get here and look it over. Then they had to call a crew out to fix the pipe. It took all day so we are […]

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L i k e   U s ?