1. How much does this cost?
    I have no idea how much money we have invested in our display. However, there is more time than money invested.
  2. Where can I buy one?
    Everything we have done is homemade. You cannot just go and buy it. However, there are several commercial systems on the market today such as Light-o-Rama.
  3. Where can I go to learn about making a display like this?
    Most of what I have learned came from DoItYourselfChristmas.com This is a great community that is always willing to help out. The other big site is PlanetChristmas.com
  4. How much is your electric bill?
    We use a large amount of L.E.D lights, plus the lights are usually flashing so you don’t really notice a rise in the electric bill.
  5. How many lights are there?
    In 2009 we had a little over 35,000 lights. We usually increase that number every year.
  6. How do you tie into a radio station?
    I have a low wattage transmitter that I connect to my pc and broadcast to your car.

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